Feline Coronavirus Antigen Quantitative Kit (Fluorescent Immunochromatography Assay of Rare Earth Nanocrystals)(FCoV Ag)

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FCoV one step test


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10 tests/box

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Purpose of Detection

Feline Coronavirus belongs to the coronaviruses Family coronaviruses, is a harmful feline infectious disease. The cat crown There are usually two types of viruses, the enterotype coronaviruses, which cause disease Symptoms are mainly diarrhea, soft stool, infected with the disease, usually can be in FCoV antigen was detected in his stool. The other is capable of causing infectious peritoneum in cats An inflammatory coronavirus. Reliable and effective detection in prevention and diagnosis of treatment It has a positive guiding effect.


Detection Principle

The product was used for quantitative detection of FCoV in cat feces by fluorescence immunochromatography. Basic principle: There are T and C lines on the nitrate fiber membrane respectively, and the T line is coated with specificity An antibody a that recognizes the FCoV antigen. The binding pad spray can specifically recognize FCoV Another fluorescent nanomaterial labeled antibody from b, samples of FCoV first and nanomaterials The material labeled antibody b binds to form a complex, and then to the upper chromatography, the complex and the T-line Antibody a binds to form sandwich structure. When the excitation light irradiates, the nanomaterial emits fluorescence And the strength of the signal is positively correlated with the concentration of FCoV in the sample.

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