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With the purpose of leading technological innovation, New-Test Biotech is an international enterprise engaged in global marketing, technical services in the field of medical devices for pets.

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Our main products include veterinary immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer and rapid Test Kit. We are located in the beautiful Zhejiang Economic and Technological Development Zone - Hangzhou Lin'an Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, the company has been committed to the development of pet in vitro diagnostic reagents.

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Its exclusive custom-developed fourth-generation rare earth nanocrystalline materials are used for pet rapid diagnosis, which effectively solves the shortcomings of poor stability, high storage and transportation conditions, and poor accuracy of fluorescent rapid diagnostic products on the market.

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The company's core R & D staff are all master's degree or above, and have been deeply involved in the research and development of pet and human in vitro diagnostic kits for many years. At the beginning of its establishment, it developed and produced pet diagnostic reagents with the quality requirements of human in vitro diagnostic reagents to ensure that every product of New Pacific Bio can withstand the test of the market and win the reputation of the public.

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With innovation at our core, we use technology to improve the pet medical diagnosis industry. We crafted it with ingenuity, strictly control the quality, to provide the most reliable products,Based in China, we have a professional international marketing service team, marketing network around the world, dedicated to the international cause of medical products and services. We are a technology leader who combined fluorescent microspheres with immunochromatography to guarantee the convenience and promptness of health detection.

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The 11th East-West Small Animal Clinician Conference Enterprising Pioneering Award, Won the First Prize of the 2018 Hangzhou Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City Entrepreneurship Competition The preferred partner of the national chain hospital and first-class scientific research institutions, The company has established a stable sales cooperation relationship overseas, and the products are exported overseas.