Canine Distemper Virus Antigen Quantitative Kit (Fluorescent Immunochromatography Assay of Rare Earth Nanocrystals)(CDV Ag)

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CDV one step test


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10 tests/box

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Purpose of Detection

Canine distemper virus is accessory A genus of measles viruses of the mucoviral family, which can cause a highly infectious disease in dogs (Canis ), leading to clinical phenomena such as conjunctivitis, pneumonia and gastroenteritis in dogs, It is characterized by high mortality, high infectivity and a short course of disease, especially in puppies Higher rates of infection and death. So reliable, effective detection, in It has positive guiding effect on prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


Detection Principle

Fluorescence immunochromatography was used for the quantitative detection of CDV in canine eye, nose and mouth secretions The content. Basic principle: There are T and C lines on the nitrate fiber membrane respectively, and T lines are covered An antibody that specifically recognizes the CDV antigen. The binding pad spray can specifically recognize CDV Another fluorescent nanomaterial labeled antibody b, samples of CDV first and nano
The material labeled antibody b binds to form a complex, which is then analyzed topically
Binding with T-line antibody a, forming sandwich structure, when the excitation light irradiation, nanomaterial The fluorescence signal is emitted, and the strength of the signal is positively correlated with the CDV concentration in the sample.

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