Feline Calicivirus Antibody Quantitative Kit (Fluorescent Immunochromatography Assay of Rare Earth Nanocrystals)(FCV Ab)

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FCV Ab one step test


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10 tests/box

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Purpose of Detection

Feline calicivirus (FCV), also known as feline Carisi virus, is a highly contagious pathogen that is widely present in cat populations worldwide. Cat calicivirus is a single strand RNA virus with high variability and variable epitope on the envelope surface, which makes the cross-protection effect of the vaccine weak. The virus is widespread in cat populations, ranging from about 10% in domestic cats to up to 25-40% in stray cats. The virus is present in the mouth, nose or conjunctival secretions of infected cats and is mostly transmitted by direct contact.FCV IgG antibody was detected in cats
The amount can reflect the immune condition of the body.
Clinical significance:
1) For the evaluation of the body before immunization;
2) Detection of antibody titers after immunization;
3) Early detection and diagnosis during feline calicivirus infection.


Detection Principle

FCV IgG antibody in cat blood was quantitatively detected by fluorescence immunochromatography. Basic principle: There are T and C lines on the nitrate fiber membrane respectively. Spraying on the binding pad has energy specificity Fluorescent nanomaterial marker that identifies FCV IgG antibody, FCV IgG antibody in sample First, it is combined with nanomaterial marker to form a complex, and then it is analyzed topically T-line binding, when the excitation light irradiation, the nanomaterial emit fluorescence signal, and the signal The strength was positively correlated with the concentration of FCV IgG antibody in the sample.

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