Canine C-Reactive Protein Quantitative Kit (Fluorescent Immunochromatography Assay of Rare Earth Nanocrystals)(cCRP)

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cCRP one step test


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10 tests/box

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Purpose of Detection

Canine C-reactive protein is an acute phase in dogs Contra-protein, which can be used as a sensitive indicator of systemic inflammation in dogs, is cCRP during an inflammatory episode in dogs The levels in the blood rise rapidly and dramatically, and as inflammatory agents are cleared, the levels rise again It quickly drops back to normal levels. Although cCRP is a non-specific reactive protein, it is useful for detecting micro Biological infection, detection of disease condition and severity, and observation of treatment effect and course have good It can be used as a guide, especially for the rational use of antibiotics.


Detection Principle

cCRP content in whole blood, serum/plasma was quantitatively detected by fluorescence immunochromatography. basic Principle: There are T and C lines on the nitric acid fiber membrane respectively, and the T lines are coated with specific cCRP antigen recognition Antibody a. Combined with a pad sprayed with another fluorescent nanomaterial labeled antibody b that specifically recognizes cCRP, The cCRP in the sample first binds to the nanomaterial labeled antibody b to form a complex, which is then analyzed topically. The complex binds to the T-line antibody a to form a sandwich structure that emits the nanomaterial when the excitation light is irradiated Fluorescence signal, and the strength of the signal is positively correlated with the concentration of cCRP in the sample.

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